What is really DevOps?

There are many definitions for DevOps, the most simple one can be a unique team able to develop and to operate in a continuous way, supported by a tool chain enabling automatically code integration, test and deployment in a single pipeline, where the code, after several approval steps, is released into production. In this post, I will try to share my definition and will share some personal considerations about the implications of decide for organize your team and development process Continue Reading

How can Design Thinking be extremely useful during the Digitalization process in traditional industries?

(Algarve, Portugal)-The digitization of traditional industries reveals major challenges that imply consensus between many and different parts. Defining a vision, a strategy, a program or a set of projects is per se a huge challenge. Other more concrete challenges go through gathering, intelligently, requirements and translating them into functionalities valued at the client, optimizing processes and motivating workers. Ideally producing measurable, noticeable and relevant improvements. Ultimately producing innovation. I would like to share with you my thoughts on what Design Continue Reading

How abstract really are story points?

I already did many Refinement meetings (or grooming meetings, as you prefere it). I think those are my favorite AGILE ceremonies, that moment where after a delicious, creative and smart discussion everybody selects THE CARD!!! There you observe so many things: who leads, who knows, who loves risk, who is more cautious, who influences, who will implement it 🙂 Continue Reading