Retrospective meeting – Simple techniques helping you to moderate the dialogue with the Team

Retrospective meetings are recurring meetings that usually take place after the sprint review. These are very important moments to make a team think about what can be improved. But sometime there are moments when the team is faced with some difficulties in dealing with problems.

Moscow – a reference technique helping you to define Product Roadmap or MVP priorities

Sometimes when we are requested to present a Product Roadmap it is hard to start… Start from where? Which features? Which inter-dependencies? How to define priorities? Priorities in the order of the tasks or in the features to enhance product value? MOSCOW can help you 🙂

How abstract really are story points?

I already did many Refinement meetings (or grooming meetings, as you prefere it). I think those are my favorite AGILE ceremonies, that moment where after a delicious, creative and smart discussion everybody selects THE CARD!!! There you observe so many things: who leads, who knows, who loves risk, who is more cautious, who influences, who will implement it 🙂