What can we learn from bugs?

(Berlin, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe) – Some weeks ago, when I visited the Memorial, the feeling of loneliness and lack of direction invaded me. I think this is the main achievement of the architect (Peter Eisenman)… bring this feeling to the visitors. And from the position in the picture I asked to myself “What have we learned from this horror?”. Inspired by a continuous learning for a continuous improvement, I would like to make the question applied to Continue Reading

Requirements hierarchy, what should be written per level and by whom

(Berlin, Germany) Sometimes the most obvious Agile concepts are not so easy to be applied when we need to make a practical usage of them. Specially if we need to bring into a consistent and common understanding a product or portfolio vision for later implementation. My goal with this post is to share a very personal opinion about how and whom should fulfill those Agile requirements levels.