Are you planning to hire a consultancy company to start your Agile Transformation? If yes, you must read this post and do some homework first

When hiring an Agile Transformation Consultancy company it would be good to have clear why are you doing it, what do you expect to achieve with it in the business goals perspective and in the company culture too. Based on your goals and time to reach them, it would be great to organize an interview asking to the potential candidates their level of experience towards your specific context and goals. With those answers, you would be able to compare them in a Continue Reading

Why is so hard to educate a waterfall project manager to take a role in a Scrum Team?

(Cabanas Beach, Portugal) A lot was written already in this blog about why we have more advantages adopting Agile methods. The truth is, once an organization decides for an Agile Transformation, adopting Agile methods and, particularly Scrum practice, to train and educate resources can be a terrifying challenge. Even with training, the roles will change. The background experience required for a Scrum Master or Product Owner role, for instance, is very different from what normally it comes with an experienced Continue Reading