What does it mean to think Agile or Agile Thinking?

Some time ago, a person told me “Marta I don’t like most of Agile coach because they are like religious radicals.” This week, in a Buddhist temple I saw this role. It made me wonder, what is really about agile thinking?

Are you doing a good Agile? Are you doing better now than when you started?

Are you doing this with some sacrifice?

We’ve talked about blockers and we have a reasonable understanding that if we have at least one team member who doesn’t think that agile just does this agile this can be a blocker or even an impediment to the agile transformation.

But actually, what does it mean to think Agile?

This is what I learn so far:

  • Have a vision about what you want to accomplish, but… Think small, small steps, small interactions to give you time to listen to feedback, inspect and incorporate all your findings to build a better product.
  • Always ask “How can I do better?” Then do it: always have your client need in your mind, write stories, analyze dependencies, prioritize them, always release with quality. Agile does not fit the values of those who think they are already doing well. Thoughts as we are market leaders, we are making a lot of profit so we do not need to rush with improvements… These are not thoughts that correspond to the agile way of thinking.
  • Interact collaboratively at 360 degrees: what does the customer think? What does the team think? What do my suppliers think? What do my associates think? What do my interested parties think? Collect your tickets!  Write entries in stories and make an individual reflection and team reflection on each potential idea for a new feature. Brainstorm and retrospective are fundamental practices and should be done regularly.
  • Be transparent so that you can inspect closely in order to adapt significantly.

I think that Agile is not a religion, but it touches values, behaviors and essentially a discipline passionate about continuous improvement, not only in our work, but in our lifes.

4 Replies to “What does it mean to think Agile or Agile Thinking?”

    1. Hi Jetinder! Thank you very much for your comment but unfortunately I’m not an expert in Budha’s philosophy to support you. I illustrated the post with this image and text I collected during my holidays visiting a Budhist temple. Some people says Agile is kind of a religion by the values it defends. But I found curious the opinion of an Atheist scientist about this particular religion. I prefer to believe Agile expresses universal values of focused groups of people working in common to deliver the best value.

      1. Thanks for the honest reply, appreciate that! I am that part of India where His Holiness The Dalai Lama has taken refuge.
        Agile to me is not a religion it’s a phenomenon and this phenomenon will grow and develop incorporating more ideas to make the process of Project or Life management fun, stress-free and Joy!

      2. I couldn’t agree more with your opinion! Thank you very much for read my blog! Is always great to know someone reads and thinks about our opinions!

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