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What is really DevOps?

There are many definitions for DevOps, the most simple one can be a unique team able to develop and to operate in a continuous way, supported by a tool chain enabling automatically code integration, test and deployment in a single pipeline, where the code, after several approval steps, is released into production. In this post,

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The Continuous Improvement Cycle

Life is done of routines. A routine has a taste of contradiction: sometimes is boring sometimes means comfort, security, trust. Respect a routine implies discipline and recognition about the value we can get from that. In this post I would like to share my thoughts about the Continuous Improvement cycle. I think this is a

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Why should we estimate?

Why should we estimate? What are we considering when we do it? Yes, estimation accuracy is a matter of practice maintaining the same team constant. What and how can we estimate? We can do it all over hierarchy of requirements, since strategic levels until implementation ones. But essentially a good product planning should be done

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Yes, we changed! Our design and our features are now positioned to help who wants to work in Agile Teams. Also we are stronger in Mobile, having our website responsive to be used in Mobile web. Give us your feedback!

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