Second Interview with Agile Experts: Phillip Becker and his Kanban experience managing political initiatives through Agile

I’m very happy to celebrate 400 followers in Instagram with an interview. A special interview for several reasons: He is a very interesting and dynamic person; Able to manage a group through Agile methods; An Agile evangelist. One of my first followers and supporters in this project Once you go Agile. Don’t lose the interview! And if you want to know more about Phillip initiative, follow in Instagram the #agile4ju The video has available subtitles in English but as my Continue Reading

The Continuous Improvement Cycle

Life is done of routines. A routine has a taste of contradiction: sometimes is boring sometimes means comfort, security, trust. Respect a routine implies discipline and recognition about the value we can get from that. In this post I would like to share my thoughts about the Continuous Improvement cycle. I think this is a basic concept you must understand once we enter in Agile and specially if we start planning to adopt a DevOps model to guide our development. Let’s pay attention Continue Reading

Agile Transformation is a test for executives courage

Agile Transformation is a test for the executives capacity to drive organizational change and business competitiveness. Agile Transformation affects all management levels and areas in the organization: since Tools, Processes, Structures and Resources individually. It’s really tough for managers to impose so many changes at once and keep the business running competitive and innovative. A huge challenge I would say.