The Continuous Improvement Cycle

Life is done of routines. A routine has a taste of contradiction: sometimes is boring sometimes means comfort, security, trust. Respect a routine implies discipline and recognition about the value we can get from that. In this post I would like to share my thoughts about the Continuous Improvement cycle. I think this is a basic concept you must understand once we enter in Agile and specially if we start planning to adopt a DevOps model to guide our development. Let’s pay attention Continue Reading

Agile Transformation is a test for executives courage

Agile Transformation is a test for the executives capacity to drive organizational change and business competitiveness. Agile Transformation affects all management levels and areas in the organization: since Tools, Processes, Structures and Resources individually. It’s really tough for managers to impose so many changes at once and keep the business running competitive and innovative. A huge challenge I would say.

If you are out of software industries and you are planning to hire and IT Product Owner, you must read this post!

The Product Owner role for a software product in an industry which core business is not IT is, in my opinion a business enabler, sometimes a business transformation agent and an innovation partner. Someone who his success depends on the success of the business he supports. Sometimes it reminds me a wedding relationship, an alliance. Continue Reading