Phillip Becker: managing political initiatives with Kanban

I am very glad to celebrate with you the 400 followers on the Instagram with an interview. The interview with Philip Becker could not be a more expressive celebration of this. Let’s see how in a context outside Software development, the use of Ageis methods motivates groups and improves efficiency.

A special interview for several reasons:

  • He is a very interesting and dynamic person;
  • Able to manage a group through Agile methods;
  • An Agile evangelist.
  • One of my first followers and supporters in this project Once you go Agile.

Don’t lose the interview!

And if you want to know more about Phillip initiative, follow in Instagram the #agile4ju
The video has available subtitles in English but as my German is not the best one 🙂 please feel free to contribute with possible corrections!

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