Are you planning to hire a consultancy company to start your Agile Transformation? If yes, you must read this post and do some homework first

When hiring an Agile Transformation Consultancy company it would be good to have clear why are you doing it, what do you expect to achieve with it in the business goals perspective and in the company culture too. Based on your goals and time to reach them, it would be great to organize an interview asking to the potential candidates their level of experience towards your specific context and goals. With those answers, you would be able to compare them in a matrix.

The questions we should do internally

When hiring an external consultancy company for an Agile Transformation process, it is extremely important to look at their customer portfolio and previous strategies per customer industry. Are our goals really the same as their previous customers? What we want really to achieve? Are we seeking for more adaptability to new business conditions? More seeking for more predictability on our deliverables? More quality? More team satisfaction and team empowerment for technical decisions? What are the company drivers and what is the experience and results from this consultancy company to match my goals?
Is it my business comparable with Spotify business? Maybe not! Is it my company culture comparable with a less than a decade founded company? What is the average age and education of my employees?
Have I the same employees profile like Spotify (high educated, multi-cultural, open-minded)? Or have I a more conservative profile? (A company used with a classical hierarchy and a culture of command and control, where we don’t see many women in management positions, where multiculturalism and diversity are not representative, specially in the higher hierarchical levels).

Planning the Agile Transformation with our partners

Assuming that, you did the best choice regarding your Agile Transformation partner, you need to plan how to face the challenge and how can you support them to achieve the goal. We should break the relationship with those consultants in different phases:
This is the moment when the executives explain why and what they want to achieve with this transformation. This is official “diagnostic moment”for the consultancy company. Here they will build an opinion about the level of knowledge in the company about what is Agile, what is and Agile Organization, what implies an Agile Transformation. After this phase, the consultancy company, should be able to tell them where they see risks, how they should make stronger the cooperation and mitigate them.  Basically is when the Agile Transformation Consultants will brief about the required support from the executives.

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Engage with internal Agile pioneers is fundamental
I never have been personally in the side of the consultancy company, but I would never start such huge challenge without the executive support and the engagement of internal respected influencers. Those, by their history, successful past deliverables in the company can validate and strengthen the proposed strategy.


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