Do you know your MPP?

MVP – Minimum Viable Product, expresses the product owner wish list of features to give a minimum value to the user.
MPP – Minimum Possible Product, expresses the team capacity within a specific time frame to deliver value for the user.
With those two concepts we observe that we need to find a commitment in between the desirable and the possible product for a release, as an example of specific period of time.
The MVP expresses the “moderated” ambition to Go To Market, to deploy your product with the minimum value for the user or customer.
(to be correct, it should be the minimum ambition… but we all know about this healthy and permanent ambition from PO’s).
The MPP expresses the Team capacity for a considered period of time.

1st Question:
When do you want to deploy your product? When do you want to go to the market?
1 Month? 1 Year?

2nd Question:
Do you know your Team capacity? I mean, do you know the average speed of your team? In average, how many story points your teams accomplish per sprint?
So, if you already know your average speed per sprint you know your team capacity.

Mandatory task to calculate the risk to accomplish your MVP with your present Team:
You need to estimate, during Grooming sessions your MVP.
I advice you to discuss with the Team, the how, how you will implement each feature and if the feature can be phased out in terms of implementation. Start small in complexity!

Now you know the total effort to implement your MVP, in story points.
You know as well the time you have planned to develop it and Go To market.
So now it’s easy the risk to accomplish it:

  • High Risk – if the MVP is higher in story points than the MPP
  • Moderated – if the MVP is equal in story points than the MPP
  • No Risk – if the MVP is lower in story points than the MPP

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